Thursday, May 26, 2011

more fluids testing

trying this out for a potential client.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Website Assets WIP 12052011

Current state of the lab. added the generator off to the left. Still needs a glass pane to cover the orange liquid geo. Tall cylinder contains the turbine fan blades (will show later) that help move the liquid. Trying to thing of a way to infuse the blue lighting points into that section, since blue has become an indicator of the various points of interest.


low angle with lighting.

Monday, May 9, 2011

10th planet pieces

So I asked my boss, and he gave me the green light to post what I worked on, so here are a few bits.

anti material rifle

Plasma launcher for aliens.

assault rifle clip load system. This one was a bit more unique, in that it had to be a back loaded clip, so a traditional hammer firing system. So I went with that metal storm system instead. (look it up on youtube and feel the fear.)

Primary ship for the humans.

image plate for the video.

I'll post the working rigs for these and the drop ship later on.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Website Assets WIP

So then, while I continue to find work, I've decided to rebuild my website. From scratch. So below is what I'm going to use for my UI. Figured I needed some practice in my cg work, going from modeling up to rendering.

So this first piece is just the current layout of all the components built thus far. Not much of anything to look at from this angle. The back wall is going to collapse and pull sideways to reveal a large monitor. Thats going to function as my gallery menu. The massive computer terminal will be the demo reel and video menu.

This is going to be the website HUB. The orange panels will link to the different sections of the site, minus two which link out to this blog and my new blog.

[update 06022011]

This is going to be the first thing that the viewer see's once the site loads. Will add some sort of panel that says enter/proceed. Something fancy like.

This will be the links page, or at least that which leads to my friends. Need to add another panel for my personal links, which will be on that space on the right. Also added that pipe with the blue liquid in the background, because lets face it: what lab doesn't have some volatile substance draining from some hidden location into another tank for all to see? Also going to add some kind of indicator bar just above the link screen, as well as some kind of touch panel interface for the window, since it seems a bit empty there.

Just an overhead of what the floor of the tank looks like.

quick and dirty render of the website sign.