Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thesis project log

Beginning log for my thesis project at The Academy of Art University

 Early concept for the golem

 Rough sketches depicting some forms and potential ideas on its anatomy

 more early work regarding the golem's anatomy

Gem stone mounting concepts and marking design based on Arabic symbol for "God"

 Fleshing out how particular limbs may look

 A more in-depth look at how its posture may be, as well as its back structure

 Idea on how the golem's left shoulder and left leg would function, where the vince would attache from below the boulder on the shoulder (top left image), and how the leg would connect to the tree stump to control the roots (bottom right)

 Basic sketch ideas of the previous idea

How the right arm would be structured

concept on how the golem's "eyes" may work

 A more definitive form to the golem, this time defining the body further

 A more spindly variant of the golem, meant to emphasize a deteriorated body

 A bulkier body form, as well as a color palette test

 Closer to the final form. Limbs look disheveled, but the design is still lacking

 Finalized concept for the golem. Colors work and the body is more balance while being asymetrical