Wednesday, April 29, 2009

possible new project

So I've had a bit of an "aHa" moment and have decided that one of my next projects will be a modernized spartan warrior. Its still a fledgling idea, but I have an idea for the shield that really floats my boat, and the idea for the sword isn't too far from what I'd like. As for the spear, well it needs work. I like the idea that it folds up, it still lacks that pizazz that I'm looking for. Time for more research on collapsible weapons.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chimera Render

Still not completely textured, but Things are moving along none the less.

This is primarily just a display of its form and new tripod.

From this angle, the binoculars show just how big this mother hubbard is.

Overhead view to show some of the connection points and the slide area

Friday, April 24, 2009

SPRG MKII: code named Chimera, construct complete

Alright, so I've just finished modeling the Chimera, and am now on to unwrapping and texturing. However, that will need to wait until after at least two other projects have been built. I'll have a render of the model up, which includes the gun and a crate with a few rounds of ammo on top. I'll be building a small radio shortly, but overall the piece is pretty much done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Permanent location of the clip. Number of rounds per clip is 7. A rather bizarre idea for jettisoning the spent clip is to have it launched off of its guide rail using electromagnetic propulsion(like that of the main gun). However, because of the size of the clip and the fact that the primary function of the gun is meant to fire the slugs, the range would be very short, though potentially useful should the weapon's wielder need a small path of enemies cleared.

Thank You

Thanks to my friends Teddy and D. Johnson, I now have a notably better idea for the ammo clip situation. Instead of going with a standard clip or banana clip, I'm gonna use a clip design similar to that of the P90, where the rounds are held sideways until loaded into the firing chamber. This should keep the flow of the gun nice and smooth as well, which was my main concern with the other clip variants. Also, its a notably cooler design idea for a clip.

Monday, April 13, 2009

updated design

Added a new latch on the drive gear, seams to the drive gear to indicate separation, vent onto drive gear, replaced the battery containment unit for a better design, shifted the tripod arm support forward for better balance, added ammo cache release latch and temporary ammo clip placement holder. May change later on to improve design. battery needs to be further modeled. Will display once its at a better stage. Still need coolant container cap and revised tripod. May drop down the height to at least 2ft.

After really looking at the design, I'm gonna drop the drum clip and instead go for a standard box clip with a slight bend. It'll hold fewer rounds, but it will keep the form of the gun better.

brain storm

So upon looking at the gun again, I realized that I could give it two types of shells to use for ammo. A solid howitzer round, and a shotgun-esque shell with multiple smaller bullets. For the shotgun shells, I'll probably use the metal storm tech idea that the Australians have developed, implementing a firing delay for the last round as the rest of the shell casing holding the explosive rounds goes out with it as a regular metallic slug.

Battery cell concepts

This battery is for the new battery cell container, as the last one had some geometry issues

Current renders of MKII as of 4/7/09

Current faces: 33507
current tris: 66272

Parts left to model:
loading mechanism, ammo box, battery unit

Parts needing to be redone/cleaned:
main body, tri pod legs, tripod arm, coolant storage unit

reference pieces for SPRG MKII

Artists Renditions

original concepts for SPRG MKII

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is meant for my 3d models, as well as their concepts, I create that I build for myself or am allowed to display by employers, once that option arises. Critiques of my work are encouraged, and suggestions are welcome.