Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updated Panther PSX2

So the car has been modded since last week, mainly consisting of vert tweeks and adding edge loops to key points. These images aren't particularly pretty, but its mainly to show how it compares to the old variant from last week. However, this time I have multiple parts for one area that I'm going to show to the client for approval, or rather my group representatives will.

First are two different grill types. regardless of which one is picked, I'm going to connect the opening to the underside of the car to make it more like it aught to be.

New-ish body shape

a lot has changed profile wise. The car now has a definite flow and a lot of the tension points have been removed, giving us a sleeker looking machine

The three different trunk hoods (this car will have a rear engine in my mind, so these are trunk doors) with slightly altered styles

3 different engine hoods, 2 with vents, and one flat.

and a new headlight system

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New car model

The new car at its current standing




3 quarter